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About Xander Gibb:

Xander Gibb is an Broadcaster/Writer/Actor/Singer/Equality Campaigner, with an honest unapologetic response to the world around him. Join him on his weekly show Xandermonium, The Talk Show that gets you talking,  & tell him what you think! The New York Queen of All Media!









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For those of us lucky enough to live in countries where we have the right of "freedom of speech" I wonder why merely disagreeing with someone's opinion or position on any given subject actually makes us phobic?
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(Published June 9th 2014)

With the constant requirement to be politically correct I am wondering today how far that actually goes and whether we are responsible for policing vernacular any further that the things we say, or how we wish to be described.
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(Published May 27th 2014)

Today, March 20th 2014, will be prominent in the minds of many for it's significance, for different reasons. It's the first day of Spring, hurry up Summer! I wrote all night, so I slept in till 1pm!
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(Published March 20th 2014)

For most of my life I have worked as L.G.B.T.Q/Human Rights activist. Not only has it made me unpopular in some circles, miss out out on work & even lose friends, but I have to stand by the courage of my convictions.
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(Published February 16th 2014)

"After all of the hoo ha regarding sponsorship at the Sochi Olympics, it seems money is really so much more important than loss of life.
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(Published January 27th 2014)

In the past few months I have become increasingly incensed by the outspoken audacity of some Christian's on the subject of Homosexuality.
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(Published November 18th 2013)

A few years ago I was contacted on MySpace by a young singer who lived in L.A His music was fabulous & he was beautiful. I was sure he would go far as he was really talented.
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(Published November 18th 2013)

For as long as I can remember I have had an healthy interest in Politics & was like most of us was spoon fed party lines & media hype, from the left & the right, from Republican's & Democrats alike.
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(Published November 16th 2013)

No genre of music stirs me more than Electro, being an 80's kid, it was a major part of my music listening.
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(Published October 16th 2013)

For those of us eagerly awaiting the next offering from The Haus of Gaga
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(Published August 21st 2013)

Trickle Down Hate on Putin Funded TV, "Gay Hearts Should Be Burned"
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(Published August 15th 2013)

Are You a Change Agent?
I am! Maryam Al-Khawaja is!
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(Published August 10th 2013)

Is it time to Cut Aid & Trade from Countries that violate Human Rights?
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(Published July 22nd 2013)

The Pink Dollar
An Increasingly Sought After Market

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(Published July 22nd 2013)

Justice Has No Color!
A Response to The
"Zimmerman Verdict"

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(Published July 16th 2013)   

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