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Xander Gibb
James St.James Revisited
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Right, Fred's Dead!
"How Do I feel About Phelps' Death & Who Will stop The Hate?"

Today, March 20th 2014, will be prominent in the minds of many for it's significance, for different reasons. It's the first day of Spring, hurry up Summer! I wrote all night, so I slept in till 1pm! Along with the rest of The L.G.B.T.Q Community I woke up to the news that the Rev. Fred Phelps, former Leader of the Westboro Baptist Church has died at the age of 84.
Phelps established The Westboro Bastard Church in 1955 & has systematically attacked gays, soldiers & anyone they could fit into a box of blame for God's alleged wrath & hatred on America for allowing homosexuality. Picketing at the funerals of soldiers who had served this country in an endeavor to keep us safe was for the families & onlookers the lowest blow.

(Published March 20th 2014)[Read More...]

The Anti Activist
"Why It is An Imperative To Challenge Them on Their Positions"

For most of my life I have worked as L.G.B.T.Q/Human Rights activist. Not only has it made me unpopular in some circles, miss out out on work & even lose friends, but I have to stand by the courage of my convictions.
In recent times a phenomenon has impinge upon the L.G.B.T.Q community that sickens most of that do actually care, to the core. No I am not talking about apathy, discrimination & homophobia, those things have been around forever.
(Published February 16th 2014)

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After all of the hoo ha regarding sponsorship at the Sochi Olympics, it seems money is really so much more important than loss of life. It has been announced that Coca-Cola will indeed be sponsoring the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. After all it's ok right? All of the athletes have trained for so long right? it's just about the event right? WRONG
(Published January 27th 2014)
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 In the past few months I have become increasingly incensed by the outspoken audacity of some Christian's on the subject of Homosexuality. This came to a head yesterday when one of The Duck Dynasty guys, Phil Robertson was suspended for comments he made to G.Q Magazine which some feel where totally acceptable. Whilst I accept he had the right to say it, I did not agree with his comments.

(Published December 19th 2013)[Read More...]




A few years ago I was contacted on MySpace by a young singer who lived in L.A His music was fabulous & he was beautiful. I was sure he would go far as he was really talented. We networked a little & shared each others postings etc & like with lots of others whom I had a reciprocal social media connection. His name was Tom Bridegroom. Not a very common name, not so forgettable.

(Published November 18th 2013)[Read More...]






What Would Make Me Change My Vote???? "Can The GOP Evolve & Be Representatively Inclusive??"

With all of my Political Evolutions of late I have as you can imagine been involved in civil discourse with Republicans & Democrats alike regarding the effects of my metamorphosis. One common thread running through all of this discourse is how my evolution will affect my voting. This as you can imagine has certainly given me lots of interesting food for thought regarding what I am looking for in terms of representation.

(Published November 16th 2013)[Read More...]


When Will Your Political Evolution Begin????"Wake Up America & Smell the Lies"

For as long as I can remember I have had an healthy interest in Politics & was like most of us was spoon fed party lines & media hype, from the left & the right, from Republican's & Democrats alike. In my brain Republicans were haters & hated gays & didn't want them to have any rights & only wanted you to see their point of view & party perspective. None were ever willing to sit down & dialogue, preferring to quote party lines & throw spin at me I gave up trying. I instead like a sheep followed & questioned not enough.

(Published November 5th 2013)[Read More...]



She's not an ordinary girl ! A Review of Alison
Moyet's New Album "The Minutes"

No genre of music stirs me more than Electro, being an 80's kid, it was a major part of my music listening. Realizing that Alison Moyet had released a brand new album, her first electro album since the 80's in fact, I was in fact to say the least tickled pink. After watching the video for "Changeling" one of the singles from the album, I was on a mission to get it!

(Published October 16th 2013)

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Applause by Lady Gaga is fantastic!
(No matter what Jelez Hilton may say)

For those of us eagerly awaiting the next offering from The Haus of Gaga the first single from her new album Artpop "Applause" was a big surprise & a total breath of fresh air. For die hard Gaga fans who know too well the artistic unpredictability of The Mother Monster, this new tune was no exception. The electro edge of this song had me at the first beat & made me listen several times to contemplate it's enormity. Both electro & electrifying!

(Published August 21st 2013)

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Russian T.V Paid for by Putin begins the Trickle Down Hate! "Gay hearts should be burned rather than used for donation"

In my continued monitoring & coverage of the ongoing Human Rights Violations spearheaded by The Putin Regime, I just found this Gem of Inequality from State Funded Television in Russia. The host Dmitiry Kiselyov seen here stating Gays should not be able to donate sperm or blood, & that their hearts should not be used as they are "Unfit for extending anyone's life" Well thanks for that Dim!

(Published August 15th 2013)

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Are You a Change Agent?
I am! Maryam Al-Khawaja is!

In recent weeks I have found myself campaigning for my brothers & sisters in Russia who are affected by the new Anti-Gay laws instituted by The Putin Regime & it highlighted a matter of enormity for me. The people in Russia affected by blatant Civil Rights violations are really just the tip of the iceberg as so much is going on in the world we don't even know or hear about & some really couldn't care less.

(Published August 10th 2013)

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Is it time to Cut Aid & Trade
from Countries that violate Human Rights?

For those of us lucky enough to live in countries where freedom of speech & freedom of sexuality is the norm, we seldom give thought to our brothers & sisters in other countries who are suffering right at this very moment. You are not alone in your lack of concern as most civilized countries don’t care that much either & continue to associate with countries with a proven history of Human Rights Violations. 

(Published July 27th 2013)

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The Pink Dollar
An Increasingly Sought After Market

With the recognition of gay people having a higher disposable income, some business people think the pink Dollar has become one of the most increasingly sought after markets. From bars, to restaurants, to shops and now even multi­national companies are getting in on the act. In recognition of our spending power, it seems that IKEA have often used overtly gay advertising in order to sell its products. So take heed TARGET!

(Published July 22nd 2013)[Read More...]



Justice Has No Color!
A Response to The
"Zimmerman Verdict"

In 1993 when I lived in London I remember being shocked & sickened when I heard about the murder of Stephen Lawrence. Stephen was a 19 yr old Black British guy, from Eltham in South East London who was murdered in a racist attack while waiting for a bus. This became a benchmark case of the highest caliber of any racially motivated killing in UK history.                      

(Published July 16th 2013)

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